The History About Nike Blazers

December 16, 2020

The History About Nike Blazers

As we known, Nike only released running shoes at first, and they made a very fast development soon. And they began to designed new styles to more sports activities, such as basketball. In 1972, Nike designers drew inspiration from Converse shoes and released their first silhouette of basketball shoes, the Nike Blazer shoes! And the first pair of Nike Blazer took "The New Way" as theme.

In 1980s, the street culture was more and more popular. Nike Blazers were favored by many skateboarders because of the high-top design which provides excellent ankle protection. Lance Mountain who is a legendary skater at the time also love to wear Blazer shoes.  This help the Nike SB Blazer became a popular model among street culture all over the world.

Nowadays, you can not find a pair of Blazer shoes at Basketball court.  Nike Basketball shoes are all used new technologies and materials for better protection and performance now. But the Blazers are very hot on the street wear, lots of people are interest with the clean silhouette and take them as retro culture sneakers.

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